MUTV - Manchester United TV App Reviews

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A must have for a fan

[EDITED: This is the edited review based on latest update] A must have app for a fan of the club. Period. Yes it doesn’t have live matches. Don’t expect that. But it has everything else: On demand PL, League Cup & Champion League matches that you can check out (sometime 2 months after match ended even), old & classic matches, live youth matches, documentaries & of course TV programs. All these for only $2.99 a month. iPad app should have Picture in Picture function for a TV app & I hope Apple TV app is in planning.

Doesn’t telecast live matches

This app is useless considering it’s paid content. Only has old content and never the live matches. You still have to purchase your TV subscription in US to watch the live matches. They don’t telecast any live matches on this app.

5 stars, please add picture in picture

I love Manchester United and I love this app! If you could add picture in picture support for iPad it would be even better!

Almost perfect...

The application is almost perfect but sometimes I have some problems to put the live feed in full screen... GGMU

It’s racist for people in Africa not be able to use this app.

Why should people (Manchester United fans) in Africa not been able to use this app, it should be updated and made accessible to the whole world.

Still waiting

I have been waiting since this app came out for it to be available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. PLEASE do something about this, I’m tired of mirroring and have no use of my phone while watching it. Cheers


How can i expect my team to play well when they cant even make a simple app. Trying to listen to live commentary keeps cutting off after few seconds

Terrible Live Stream.

The app is terrible with the Live stream is incredibly inconsistent I am ending my subscription

App was working great...not anymore

Was really enjoying app. But after renewing my subscription the app still revoked my access. So I paid for a subscription I can’t use...very sad.

Great app for fans

Lot of content updated every day. Some audio issues but an app restart will fix. No first team live games in the US but its understandable ($3).

Glitched and stole my money

I bought the 3 dollar subscription but when I paid, nothing changed at all and it still showed I had to pay 3 dollars. RIPPED ME OFF

They don’t show games in US

Yes the TV is live for everything but the actual first team games. For that you need to go to providers like NBC, Fox Sports and ESPN and pay them much more. No use getting the subscription as most of the content you see is already seen and it’s kinda repeat. I wouldn’t waste my $3 every month. Instead get the DVD’s and watch them on repeat. At least it’s in your collection set. Another thing why the one star is because the volume disappears sometimes and only you see is TV without volume.

Release a version for iPad and less subscription fee

I am seeing that there is no iPad version. Most of the people will use iPad version to watch the content. Can the subscription fee be $5/ month or some discount for yearly subscription.

Not even close to good enough

I have been waiting for this app for years. It finally arrives, and its not even beta quality. 1) Why no Apple TV app!? 2) AirPlay only, and it shuts down on device Auto-Lock. Netflix does not do this, mind you they also have a TV app. 3) Video quality is maybe 720p via AirPlay. No way I will subscribe past the trial period with this iteration. Get back to the drawing board and sort it.


Terrible app! Not recommended. Near impossible to unsubscribe! Like a scam. -Man Utd Fan

Excellent fan experience!

Awesome to be able to get all the games and content u cant get in North America. Great app!


Its been long time waiting this app but my opinion is if they put it in Roku devise we can able to watch in tv and big screen. Good job

Finally!!! Woo hoo!!!

Ever since MUTVs inception in the U.K. and Ireland many years ago, Ive been wishing that one day it would be made available internationally. Well, here is is! The monthly subscription price is extremely good value, and the content, presentation, and overall design, quality and stability of the app are exceptional. A huge thank you to Man United, Apple and the developers for making this available and for enabling Uniteds massive global fanbase to follow the team in such detail.

Alright but can be better

I was expecting something similar to MUTV Online from a couple of years ago. Its nice to have a Live stream of MUTV, but there could be more features added to the app

Good but needs improvement

This app has lots of quality programmes and live matches including shows but the casting option needs improvement, meaning the casting doesnt work that well the least it. Pulse do is 16 min and then you have to try again which is annoying so please improvement needed.

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